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Should the Voting Age Be Lowered

Published / by Stephenson

There is nothing I agree with more than lowering the voting age. I have been feeling like the voting age should be lowered for years now. Restricting the voting age to 18 is outdated, and limiting us as a country.

I think that the voting age should be lowered to 16. I am assuming that some people are hesitant to lower the voting age, because of how impressionable they think teenagers are. I suppose that that is slightly. Maybe some people think that minors will only vote based off of how their parents vote and what their parents believe. Maybe some people think that minors do not understand the significance or impact of voting. Whatever it is, I do not agree.

Now, more than ever, kids and teens alike are all about developing their own opinions and standing up for what they believe in. To be honest, I hear more adults discuss more outdated reasons of why they support particular candidates than teenagers do. Lowering the age to 16 will invite a whole new world of creative thoughts and opinions. It’s the younger ones who will be affected by the decisions we make now in the long run. Why not allow them the opportunity to affect and shape their futures?

Furthermore, I feel that lowering the voting age to 16 will greatly increase the number of voters. Imagine what would happen if schools had voting polls available at the schools, and all of the eligible students would be able to vote right at the school. Or if that could not happen, the schools could take field trips to the voting polls.

This would not only increase the number of voters, but it would encourage a younger audience to get more involved into politics. What is the point of teaching students the history and importance of voting, if they are not actually given the opportunity to vote and see it in action. At the age of 16, teenagers are driving automobiles that weigh thousands of pounds. How are they not able to make a decision and vote? They are, and they should be able to do so.

I fully support the voting age being lowered, and I hope that I can be a part of making that happen. What do you all think? Do you think that the voting age should be lowered? If you do not think that the voting age should be lowered, why not? Please share your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Should Minors Have a Curfew

Published / by Stephenson

SYes, yes, and double yes. When I think back at the tragedies that occurred amongst my peers when I was a teenager, they typically had to do with them being out late when they should have been at home. My heart breaks just thinking about those stories, because they could have been easily prevented. I feel that a lot of teen deaths could be prevented if minors had a curfew, and I feel as though there should be a law that requires minors to have a curfew.

My main question is, “Why not?” I can only see more good than harm coming from this. Where do these kids and teenagers have to go at 11:00 pm? I can see this as limiting their rights in some way, but I do not know if they are at the maturity level to handle being out that late.

Adults experience some of the worst accidents and violent encounters when they are out doing stuff late at night. Why wouldn’t a minor? I have seen minors who finally get their license, racing at midnight on what they think is an empty road. How many news stories are there where young teens were drinking and driving late at night, and got into a horrible car accident? I am not saying that children and teens are not competent beings. I do not feel that way at all; that is why I want to lower the voting age. However, I think most people, adults and children alike, tend to feel freer at nighttime, and they also tend to get into a lot more trouble at nighttime.

That being said, I don’t think that the curfew should be ridiculous, and I think that the curfew should be extended on the weekends. I also feel that minors around the age of 17 (and maybe 16) should have a later curfew.

Everything in life is about giving and taking. A legal curfew for minors can be a protective measure, without completely debilitating them of enjoying an evening out with their friends. Do you think a law should be made that gives minors a curfew? Leave a comment down below!