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5 Characteristics of Successful Law Firms

Published / by Stephenson

Going by the number of TV shows based on law firms and their lawyer magic, law firms are here to stay. Then comes the question: Just how much money do lawyers in prestigious firms make? Are the figures as exaggerated as they sound? Well, lawyers in prestigious firms do receive hefty paychecks. Most of the time, these lawyers actually put in the time and work to earn as much as they do.
For a young law firm, it may seem an uphill task to scale the heights that the high and mighty in the legal world have reached. Here are some of the things to do to rise that ladder faster:

Keep the customer close

Just like in business, the customer is the most important person. To build a lasting relationship, the firm has to establish a certain level of trust with its clientele. Satisfied customers are more likely to refer new clients to your firm and grow the base.

Focus on the strengths

The most successful law firms have specialized in their area of expertise. When the lawyers in the firm have zeroed in on a particular legal practice(s), then they are likely to deliver services at an excellent score level. To be good in a particular field, the law firm might consider encouraging its practitioners to read more and attend relevant seminars on the same.

Build a Strong online presence


Most Americans today go online to seek for the least of solutions. The taxi business has Uber; the Health Sector has numerous apps and websites. To attract new customers, law firms must also adapt to these changes and set up an interactive website to market themselves. A good website builds credibility and gives a potential customer the confidence to approach them with their needs.

Outside-the-Office Networking

To broaden the scope of language and be more believable when representing their clients, lawyers must develop an interest in their clients’ activities and have a first-hand experience of what they do. For example, lawyers in a firm representing the Yankees must have an idea what American football is all about. Interacting with people in outreach activities and being actively involved in the community creates a good reputation.

Get a sturdy support staff

Having a reliable staff that will attend to financial operations, I.T support, as well as other professional duties is very crucial. By supporting the firm’s running, much of the workload for the attorneys is cut to a level where they can offer quality services as is needed.