Welcome to my site! My name is Louis and I am currently studying to be a lawyer.

picture of louisI am not 100% sure what my plan of action is yet, but I have been in school forever and cannot wait to be done! For anyone out there who is already an attorney, I envy you. I never thought there would be this much work involved.

I have been cranking through courses and exams for the last few years and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Anyways, I have always loved to write, so I wanted to build this site to share my thoughts and experiences with the rest of the world!

I will periodically post about anything I feel like, so get used to it! Most of my posts will be somewhat law related, with maybe a few random ones in between to spice things up a bit. If at anytime you want me to talk about something specific or explain some more, just let me me know! Thanks again for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy. Follow me on twitter!

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