Reasons Why Lawyers Make Good Politicians


What do Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama have in common? They both served as sitting presidents of the United States of America. But there is more. Besides being leaders of the free world, these politicians studied Law in College. The list is longer than these two, making the all-time conclusion that maybe, just maybe, being a lawyer is likely to make a prospective politician than a non-lawyer. Here is why:

Public speaking skills

Politicians are often expected to be smooth-talkers whose words should move a crowd. With the whole world looking and opinions polls counting every two seconds, politicians are better off delivering impressive speeches, be it in debates or a presser. It so happens that lawyers have the experience of addressing masses of people in court. Lawyers also interact with people from all walks of title, giving them that common touch. Effective public speaking is, therefore, a great given to them when they decide to pursue political interests.

The art of persuasion

A lawyer spends most of his time at work convincing people to listen to his point of view and embrace it. It could be the judge or a jury. A good lawyer always thrives on presenting well-reasoned arguments that will make him win. These arguments hone the skill of persuasion, which is highly needed by politicians. At the time before elections, the ambitious politician needs to persuade the voter to vote him/her. After elections, the art of persuasion helps in debates especially to pull other members of the house to his/her side when discussing critical bills.

Analytical skills

Barristers spend a lot of time analyzing complex situations and resolving them. The ability to find a range of solutions for a problem and the knack for detail makes lawyers very flexible politicians. Most lawyers are also able to perform under pressure, a characteristic that every politician should have.

Knowledge of Legislation

Based on their background, lawyers have a lot more prior know-how as to how legislative processes work. Politicians cannot run away from legislation. Studying law gives a politician an upper hand in understandings how laws are made and how they ought to be applied.


Law is quite the principled profession. Since progressive politics is built on ethics, most lawyers make a good fit as far as this factor is considered. Not all lawyers are ethical-there are some bad fruits in there- but a good percentage of them have a good understanding of the ethical values to adhere to.