Types of Lawyers

Types of Lawyers

A lawyer is a person who is qualified to provide assistance and advice when it comes to the law. A lawyer is also the person to represent someone during a case if it goes to trial in court. Lawyers can be hired for many different reasons. Lawyers can also give advice or represent their clients for many different types of law.

There are two broad categories of law that most areas of law and lawyers fall into:

Criminal law

This refers to instances where a person has been charged with committing a crime. Lawyers working within criminal law fall into three key areas of work:

Criminal Defense Lawyer

When a person is charged with a crime of criminal nature they are in need of a defense lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer specializes in representing and defending their clients in court. Criminal defense lawyers argue against the prosecution to try to get their clients

Public Prosecutors

A public prosecutor works for the government and is the representative of the state during criminal trials. The prosecutor is the one arguing for the accused to be convicted of the crime they have been charged with. The prosecution calls witnesses and evidence in court and presents this to the judge and jury.

Private Prosecutors

A private prosecutor, unlike a public prosecutor, is when a company or individual brings criminal charges against the accused themselves.

Civil law

This refers to instances where a person has not committed a crime, but one party is seeking compensation for damages from the other party.

Three common examples of civil law lawyers are:

Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer works within civil cases relating to issues that arise in companies. This can include patent and contract law, as well as issues that arise over real estate. Corporate lawyers also deal with taxation issues and if a person files for bankruptcy.

Family Lawyer

A family lawyer is involved in cases of adoption, divorce and child custody issues. The family lawyer works with their clients closely to achieve the best outcome possible if the case needs to go through the family court. A family lawyer also deals with paperwork relating to adoptions or during divorce settlements and mediation.

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer assists in cases where physical injury has occurred to someone. This injury could be either accidental or malpractice such as in medical cases. A lawyer working within personal injury law is representing their client seeking damages arising from physical injury to the client’s body. This often can involve large payouts from insurance company or from the other party.

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